Scifi Book GloryEve gets published in 2015

Big news – Booktrope has been sent GloryEve!  I’m setting my goal for this to be the year GloryEve gets published in 2015, either self, hybrid, or traditional.  I’m a big fan of the booktrope idea of teams getting a portion of books they back, but I’m sure they’re burred in manuscripts.

booktrope – my new hero?


I had a fantasy about this post, that this post will go down in some journal when I’m a famous author – the day “Joe Fecarotta” tried to go to Booktrope and get his book published. 🙂   Now the ball is in their court, and I’d love have a team helping me.  I’m following Steven King’s model of letting your book sit for a while, but I’m starting to itch again. Fiction, and the story of GloryEve, compel me.

I’ve also ordered the Writers Market….so here I come publishing world!

Science moment – this blew my mind.  With the Theory of Everything hitting the Oscars, most people will now know the acronym GUD (Grand Unifying Theory) or ToE (Theory of Everything). Well, those are from theoretical physics, so it makes sense that theoretical biologists came up with the concept of LUCA, or Last Universal Common Ancestor.   This the theoretical existence of a microorganism that is at the root of the tree of evolution  Not the first thing that would be deemed life, but the winner of that competition.  The Mega-Organism….don’t think Lucy the ape-like creature. Think a small particle of goo that became really successful.  Here’s the intro to this concept on New Scientist:

“ONCE upon a time, 3 billion years ago, there lived a single organism called LUCA. It was enormous: a mega-organism like none seen since, it filled the planet’s oceans before splitting into three and giving birth to the ancestors of all living things on Earth today.
This strange picture is emerging from efforts to pin down the last universal common ancestor – not the first life that emerged on Earth but the life form that gave rise to all others”

Its interesting when you think about God’s place here. If you don’t believe try suspending your disbelief for a moment since its an interesting thought experiment.  Think about why God chose this way.  Is God a programmer?

God is operating at distance but could He have woo’d the molecules together?   Its part of the great mystery to me that He chose this way, to have this highly complex machine create an even more complex machine, ad infinitum until you get humans – the most complex organism on the planet.   Evolution then favors complexity over simplicity.  Virus were once useful to exchange DNA between creatures, but eventually became something life had to fight against.  Then more complexity arose, and along with it a more complex challenges, all the way to us.

The struggle lead to complexity lead to our emergence and dominance on this planet.  Was this how God was to put life into a lifeless solar system?  Was it the only way?  Evolution is a brutal way to accomplish this end.

Finally if you think of  the Noosphere.  Humans are also a very successful megaorganism. Assuming we continue our success, it would suggest that our tree will split, and the diversity of what comes out of this common system will be an enormous advantage to the survival of life itself.  Are we USMA –  Ultra Sentient Mega Organism?  And if so, what comes after us?

Would we split in three – Advanced Humans, Machines, and Machine-Human Hybrids?  Advanced humans would be those humans who elect only to have life extension.  The Machine-Human hybrids would be humans who elect both life extension and mechanical enhancement of body and mind.  Then there are the pure machines, which would be our riskiest play.  Humanity is already concerned with the AI turning on us.   Perhaps the only way to stay safe here is to ensure that we as humans enhance ourselves along with our machine counterparts.