A New Sci Fi Novel – GloryEve by J.L. Fecarotta

Who are you when your mind itself is made anew?

Gloria Thom thought she had beat the deadly disease Kashmir, a cancer-causing virus born from the nuclear conflict of 2063, just to find she’s relapsed. Her faith in God and science is shaken as she struggles against the horror of the disease until an experimental nanotechnology-based procedure called LifeCells promises to be the cure.

It is the year 2105, the dawn of a new century, a time bristling with super-intelligent robotic familiars, hyper-real virtual reality in every home, and ubiquitous nanotechnology that does everything from cleaning teeth to collecting vast amounts of shale oil.  Yet it is the LifeCell therapy that represents the crowning achievement for nanotechnology – repairing the neurons of the human mind.

Through a series of actions and mishaps, the cure becomes more than a cure, replacing much of Gloria’s mind. Now part computer, part human, Gloria, and her family struggle to find the line between human and machine, while powerful forces seek to control or destroy Gloria and the new intelligence that she represents.   Is Gloria the first to jump into the singularity? J.L. Fecarotta takes the reader on an exploration of the nature of humanity, faith, and identity in an increasingly technological society.

(Tragically, this was first posted in 2014. It’s very very difficult to finish and publish a book. Fight me. I will publish this freaking book. Note, I have been writing -just over at happywisdom.com and jlfecarotta.com. So there.)